Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Developing a Framework for Science and Math Instructional Coaching ASCD Session

ASCD Session Developing a Framework for Science and Math Instructional Coaching

This is a copy of my notes taken on March 26, 2012 at the ASCD conference in Philadelphia. Presenters were Wendy Jackson, Ruth Seward, Carla Shortino and Hethyr Tregerman. This session was packed with information and I am excited to process their work with the Curriculum and Instruction team here. Much thought and attention to detail has been put into the DESIGN of their coaching model.

I'm Back

I just came home from the ASCD conference in Philadelphia. I attended the Strategic Teacher Pre-Conference session and conference.

My big take away from the conference was that I am much further along with technology integration than most and yet I still have so far to go. During the first general session, Reed Timmer from the Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers was talking about how he uses STEM in every part of his work. Reed was wearing a shirt with #ASCDcuriosity on it. As I was listening to him present, I realized that this hashtag was different than the conference #ASCD12 so I got curious and pulled out my phone to check it out. Once at the #ASCDcuriousity feed, I read that the first 23 to retweet using the hashtag could get their own shirt. I realized that I am a little competitive and enjoy a challenge and I immediately sent out a tweet. After his speech I went to the Discovery room and picked up my shirt and stayed to make a green screen video clip with Reed.

From the Strategic Teacher session I learned that Challenge and Competition are two sources of motivation for the Mastery Style and that Curiosity is a source of motivation for the Understanding style. The fact that the Discovery Crew had the Creativity (motivation for the Self-Expressive style) to design a hash tag that would bring Connections (motivation for the Interpersonal style) to the ASCD conference attendees and market their own sessions at the same time was great DESIGN!