Friday, July 16, 2010

Analysis of how educational leaders might use blogs

Educational leaders can use blogs to share research and strategies they find with their peers and teachers. In my job as an instructional specialist, I can use the blog to provide teachers with specific strategies that they can implement in their classroom. By providing research and strategy ideas, I can help impact instruction throughout the region. Blogs can be used for ideas, links to sites, links to articles, videos of strategies in use, etc.


  1. I like what you said when you described how you can impact instruction thoughout the region buy posting information to your blog. That really highlights how powerful a tool a blog can be when used that way.

  2. I'm new to the blog scene, and had never thought about how far reaching it could be. I agree with Ben, and really like the idea of impacting instruction in other areas besides your own school district. ~Ginny Hogg

  3. Ginny - I just completed a training this week where it said that 76% of teachers do not use blogs or wikis. I found it ironic that my assignment was to create one. I too had never actually made my own. I work with 63 school districts in my job and we are looking for new ways to use technology with our districts. It is hard to find things that will work with the schools because so many things are blocked. I know my oldest son was bored with his technology class last year. He said he felt like he was being taught with a check box. I know the teacher missed out on experiencing all he can do with technology because the class did not give him a chance to showcase his knowledge.